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Wikunia enables you to access several Wikipedia articles in only one tab which makes your Wikipedia researches a lot more convenient. If, for instance, you are looking for information about NSA and you want to know something about Edward Snowden, you can simply follow the link and the Wikipedia article about Edward Snowden will pop up in the same tab so that you can see both articles at one glance.
There's no more need to change between tabs.
Just have a go at it and try it yourself!
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With Wikunia Cloud you can connect your smartphone with your PC. That way using Wikunia on all your devices the same Wikipedia article is opened. Wikunia Cloud makes it easy to start a search on your smartphone and continue it on your PC. Of course, it works the other way round as well!
Wikunia Cloud
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in the search box on your smartphone.

Wikunia Bookmarklet
You can drag our logo into the bookmark bar. If you search the web and click on a Wikipedia link cause there is no Wikunia link in the result you can now click on the new bookmarklet and you can read the Wikipedia article directly inside Wikunia.

Wikunia Filmography
While reading an article about a movie you can hover a link about an actor and click on the filmstrip in the upper left-hand corner to see the filmography.

Wikunia Suggest
You can click on the search bar while reading to get relevant articles.

Wikunia Sights
When looking at articles about countries, cities, sights and places, you can click on the coordinates in the upper left corner to access a map. As a special feature the map shows the main tourist attractions close-by. So far tourist attractions in more than 1000 cities world-wide are marked.
Give it a go and check out your city's sights!

To similtaneously open two articles with one search you can type an "&" between your two searchterms
Example: Isaac Newton&Albert Einstein